Meeting our CEO

Dr. Bassim Subhi Khoury Nasr, a leading Palestinian business entrepreneur and politician, is the CEO of Pharmacare PLC and the founder of Pharmacare Premium. Dr Khoury completed his pharmacy studies at the University of Oklahoma to come back with a great potential to make a difference in the Palestinian society. From his contribution to Paltrade (Palestine Trade Centre), the Palestinian Federation of Industries, Birzeit University, Edward Said Conservatory of Music, Payalara and Saint Yves Human Rights organization to his roles in establishing an insurance firm and assuming the prestigious position as the Minister of Economy, Dr Khoury remains among the renowned figures within the present Palestinian leaders and is currently the pioneering agent behind the international expansion of Pharmacare.









 A Message from our CEO

In 2014, Pharmacare has developed a future strategy, “Pharmacare 2020”, covering the forthcoming six years. This initiative aimed towards a visionary path dealing with new challenges as per the customary acknowledged legacy continuously demonstrating innovative strategies; hence, occupying a prestigious position among local competitors and establishing a strong penetration of international market.

Through a valuable foundation of assets, from marketing to sales and from research to production, Pharmacare endeavours to upgrade and increase its production potential within the coming few years by 100%.   Such a step would be implemented by means of introducing new production lines corresponding to highly demanded medicines on the domestic and the international scales. An approach combining quality and highly demanded products is the winning formula behind Pharmacare’s success as a brand name marking its emblem adopted from inception; namely ‘’Pharmacare – Expression of Trust’’.

The “Pharmacare 2020” was inscribed through the joint efforts of the various departments of the company, hence promoting the concept of “Division of Labour” and asserting that the different bodies of the institute worked in collaboration towards a successful end-result.  The strategy was approved by the Board of Directors and has since been embarked on to reflect the cooperative potential of the diverse individuals working as a team.

From here, I call upon all members of the Pharmacare family namely, directors, employees and stakeholders, declaring: “We aim for the stars, hence we pledge to invest all our potential to achieve our aspired goals and visions and to promote Pharmacare as the pride of the pharmaceutical industry in Palestine’’.

 Bassim Khoury
Chairman and CEO

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  Pharmacare at a Glance

Pharmacare’s Mission:

 “Pharmacare is fully committed to fulfilling its obligations and acknowledged responsibilities towards customers, the society and the environment by means of producing high quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices in order to preserve and improve quality of life”.

To preserve, sustain and improve ‘‘Quality of Life’’, Pharmacare endeavours to establish a Euro-Med alliance in pharmaceuticals and to bolster a professional partnership with regulators, medicinal authorities, physicians, pharmacists and end-users.

Pharmacare’s Vision:

“Pharmacare aspires to be the leader in the local Pharmasutical industry, by insuring that its products meet customers expectation in terms of quality, variety and value”.

Guided by the premise that employees are its foremost asset, Pharmacare invests in staff training and attempts to make its work place both challenging and rewarding.


Ancient Canaanites, ancestors of current Palestinians, regarded wheat as a symbol of life, health and fertility, and hence used it as a decorative motif. This symbolic tradition survived to our modern times and is presently being used in key oriental embroidery. The ancient motif alongside its historical symbolism was adopted in 1985 as Pharmacare’s emblem.

In a commitment to life and health, Pharmacare pursues a policy of: Producing High Quality Products at Affordable Prices. Pharmacare exploits the latest technologies in manufacturing and quality, securing a competitive position in local and international markets. Total quality covers all aspects of operations, thus, living up to our adopted motto: “Pharmacare – Expression of Trust”.


Sky view of Pharmacare HQ




  CEO Account on Pharmacare PLC- The New Facility Expansion


Initiated in 2014, the new expansion facility ensued the donation of a long-term €2.5 m loan by the French Government and the AFD. The expansion of our general facility presents 8 floors, three undergrounds and an interconnecting tunnel. The undergrounds floors, corresponding to -2 -1 and 0 floors, are mapped to an expansion of the warehouse storages; a first floor marking the expansion for the Quality Control, a second floor for the expansion of Production, a third for the Technical Area, and the last (fourth) for administrative offices.




 CEO Prospect on International Ventures

The Pharmacare Groupe has made a significant international expansion, commanding presence over MENA, East and West Europe, and Africa – with prospective plans to extend business to Latin America.

Since 1993, Pharmacare has demonstrated powerful initiatives exploiting international business and pioneering locally manufactured shipments to CIS countries like Russia and Belarus. Pharmcare’s International profile has been subsequently well-represented in the markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other countries.

The representative office of the company is located in Minsk, Belarus. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the representative team, the products of Pharmacare merited the acknowledged trust of doctors and patients. This rendered the Pharmacare portfolio ranked among the top importers in Belarus, as well as bequeathed leadership positions in several specialised market segments, such as: Antibacterial drugs, Decongestants and Pediatric Medications.

The production facilities of the company have been confirmed, by consensus, to meet the generally accepted world standards in the production of pharmaceutical products. The strict control of raw materials, semi finished and finished products quality is carried out at every stage of manufacturing in accordance to the normative and technical documentation dictated by the stringent GMP guidelines.

In an effort to constantly expand the product range in export markets, Pharmacare thrives to contribute to the well-being of society and the improvement of life quality within the CIS,  EU and other geographies.

1999 marked the first Joint Venture (JV) agreement with an international company in the Palestinian Industry on signing a JV with the Wirtz Family, owners of Grunenthal (GmbH) of Aachen, Germany, initially allocating to them a 22% share of Pharmacare.

On obtaining the prestigious EU-cGMP certification in 2008, on top of other GMP awards, Pharmacare delivered a prefatory message to the world embodying a new era of business, thus serving a stratified set of contracts with sundry partners worldwide. Pharmacare built professional relationships with various pharmaceutical companies in arrangement of under-license and / or marketing authorisation holding agreements; permitting the manufacturing of international products in Palestine and the manufacturing and the exporting of local products internationally. Thus, help flourish the global expansion aspiration purported by Pharmcare, thereby giving rise to an international distribution of up to a quarter of Pharmacare’s output in 2016.

Today, Pharmacare prides on agreements with over 20 distinct companies in 15 different countries around the globe. Collaborators, such as Pol-Pharma (Greece), Grunenthal GmbH (Germany), AET GmbH (Germany), GL-Pharma (Austria), R.I. Pharma (UK), Hikma Pharmaceuticals (Jordan-UK), present a sample of our currently active business partners along with whom Pharmacare continues to work within a variety of international business disciplines.


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