In addition to our quality manufactured pharmaceuticals, it is in reference to our loyal, dedicated and professional team members that we endeavour to maintain our acknowledged motto through which we’ve become known in the area; Pharmacare – An “Expression of Trust”.

The Story

Pharmacare was established to manufacture and distribute pharmaceuticals by a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs led by the late Mr. Subhi Khoury, a pioneer pharmacist who started the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Jordan in 1962.

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The First 25 years The Pharmacare Silver Jubilee

Pharmcare PLC celebrated its first 25 years since inception in 2014. The ceremony corresponded to the impressive achievements.

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Pharmacare Today

A Palestinian Public Limited Company (PLC) headed by Dr. Bassim Khoury, CEO. Pharmacare is specialized in the manufacturing of generic pharmaceutical and branded generic products currently targeting local markets within Palestine and international markets within the EU, CIS and some MENA countries

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Malta since 2010

Malta’s Pharmacare Premium (PCM), an elite subsidiary of Pharmacare specialises in an Oncology (Anti-Cancer) therapeutic ‘high-potency’ product line state-of-the-art, in addition to producing

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 CEO Perception

 Pharmacare The Expantion

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