Our Business Strategy

Pharmacare is guided under its motto demonstrating “An Expression of Trust”. Our company has a 35-year history of advancing the local field of generic medicine and bringing demanded treatments and diagnostics to patients. The patient is and will remain at the core of what we do, the reason we come to work every day.


What we do:

  • Focus:
    Our key focus in business is on fitting the relevant treatments to the right patient. With our in-house combination of Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics, we are uniquely positioned to confer personalised healthcare. We are building our internal capabilities and consolidating strategic partnerships ready for the next stage in personalised healthcare: to combine insights from a variety of resources and a jumble of analysis to drive more effective research permitting for better therapeutic decisions for patients.

    We will continue to concentrate our energies entirely on serving quality generic pharmaceuticals (including customised ventures) and in vitro diagnostics, in addition to minor diversifications into other sectors like over-the-counter medicines and medical devices.
  • Distinctiveness:
    In our pursuit of excellence in science, our distinctiveness rests on three key elements: an exceptionally broad and deep understanding of pharmaceuticals and chemistry, the seamless integration of our pharmaceuticals and diagnostics capabilities, a stringent compliance to the strictest international GMP standards, and a loyal team of dedicated working efforts.
  • Delivery:
    Our delivery is to create value for all our stakeholders, choosing partners of choice; conferring significant medical benefits to end-users, offering a great working environment for employees, having a sustainable impact on society, and creating local top-quartile total shareholder return for our investors.


How we do:

  • Our team:
    Pharmacare prides itself on a dedicated team of interdisciplinary staff working together to bring about a consort of professionals jointly and proudly working towards a better Pharmacare and a better standard of healthcare.

  • Decision-making:
    Our decision-making principles and processes emphasise transparent dialogue, democratic accountability, and a responsible division of labour.

  • Structure:
    Our structure is built to recruit technical development for the sake of supplying the market demand. Our autonomous research and development centres and alliances aim towards fostering diversity and agility, though are still towards inception given the dominant political obstacles. Despite the situation, Pharmacare strives to bring its pharmaceuticals and medicines to people that need them in a timely fashion.
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