At Pharmacare, you have the chance to excel within a manufacturing operation of generic pharmaceuticals in the most efficient fashion on the local scale. We are one of Palestine’s leading research-focused technical development healthcare groups, and we keep evolving. If you are passionate, committed, and determined to make a difference, join us!

Pharmacare signed technical agreements with some national universities for the training of their students in the company. There is also a great cooperation between Pharmacare and these universities in research and publications.  

Pharmacare further provides new jobs for university graduates and summer jobs for university students; and also provides scholarships for some needy students at local universities.

You’ll have the chance to advance your skills through our specific programmes that complement your studies within internships and apprenticeships:

Bring along your ideas and your ability to research, develop, plan and organise. Interesting projects are currently in progresses that require the energies of dedicated students within fields like: Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies and Computer Science.  


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