How we work

Pharmacare undertakes various ways to reflect its diligent efforts within domestic sustainability. This may be observed within an impact over different facets at Pharmacare and the wider community.



 Our Approach

We strive to meet the needs of our patients through providing the best products possible in adherence to the universally-acknowledged standards of excellence at the most affordable prices. By implementing a strategy of constructive communications with stakeholders from the local community, patients, pharmacists, doctors and our loyal international clients; we live up to our MOTTO: Pharmacare – An Expression of Trust.

Pharmacare has demonstrated clear examples serving its envisioned missions and objectives throughout the past ten years. Specially following the various international GMPs acquired, the community served by Pharmacare has grown to preclude a variety of nationalities and a diversity of ethnicities. Furthermore, the introduction of a competitive line in oncology brand products through Pharmacare Premium (PCM), our sister company in Malta, gave rise to a better widespread populace of the company within Europe and the world. The Pharmacare Group, presently, serves over 20 countries within three different continents. Further expansions aim towards Latin America following the acquisition of the Brazilian ANVISA GMP certification.

In addition to meeting the needs of doctors and patients through our core local and international business, we believe in our responsibility to encourage health awareness and education, as well as providing aid and support to those with special needs, those tackled by grave crisis and those unable to access care through traditional healthcare systems.

Embedding sustainability in our culture

Responding to the steeply increasing rates of Diabetes - Amid the recently enhanced trends of diabetic occurrences within the Palestinian community in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Pharmacare has dedicated special efforts to cope with the aggravated situation by means of both therapeutics and prevention.

It is well acknowledged that the high-carb Arabian diet, is a leading factor towards the observed increments in Diabetes Type II. The lack of awareness among adults and the recent  introductions of computer games among children have served to hinder people from proper exercise. The combination of such factors resulted in the drastically increased incidence of diabetes recently observed among the local population. Pharmacare is building on its decades old acknowledged track record in Diabetes Mellites care. Whether through supplying the different Novo Nordisk insulins mainly for type I diabetes, or though manufacturing and supplying its distinctive oral products, Pharmacare continues its support to patients, physicians, nurses and hospitals in order to improve diabetes awareness and care, and to establish long-term partnerships with stake holders and healthcare providers, thus, responding to the pressing needs within the region. Following on the extreme success of  Glucocare,  which remained the oral drug of choice for Diabetes in Palestine for more than 10 years, and the launch of its successor, Glimaril, Pharmacare recently introduced the Sitaglu family of diabetic drugs. Sitaglu has been described by local doctors as a powerful medicine for Type II Diabetes Mellitus with minimal pertinent side-effects. Launching it marked a turning point within the company's diabetic lines of products as it is expected to regain the status of market leader in oral Diabetes care. throughout the years.

Fighting diabetes within the Palestinian community presents a live embodiment of Pharmacare's aspiration to respond to particular needs raised by its people. The company is committed to making a difference by providing a broad range of affordable added-value medications for patients battling diabetes and a number of other domestically common chronic diseases.

Fulfilling our commitment

Engaging in Community Service: Throughout the past years, Pharmacare has demonstrated a leading role in supporting various groups within the Palestinian society, as well as spreading awareness, encouraging education and pioneering ambitious start-ups.

The company has incessantly supplied a number of needy patients with our locally produced and imported products and has supported several   suffering- patients with ephemeral courses of their needed medications. Our business has demonstrated live expressions of supporting sports and education by means of sponsoring the Beitunia and Ein Senia football teams, the Beitunia Sports Club, the Palestinian Taekwondo team, offering scholarships to students from disadvantaged families, honouring internships by newly current university students and recent graduates etc. In collaboration with the Ministry of Heath, the Union of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and the Palestinian Pharmacist Syndicate, the company has, further, been engaged within a variety of events, some taking place on standard regular intervals, comprising conferences, lectures, promotions, sessions on awareness, health and social responsibility serving to promote a better enlightened delegation of doctors and a more aware generation of parents and children.  

Integrity in business and responsible marketing

Pharmacare’s capital lies in terms of its reputation as a business serving humanity in accordance with the highest standards set forward by the company’s Board of Directors. All employees are expected to contribute to the ethical perception of Pharmacare that goes in line with the Group’s Code of Conduct marking the reflection of the business in a socially responsible fashion.

Pharmacare maintains a stringent compliance to regulations and follows an internally devised set of legal considerations pertaining to venality and bribery, data privacy, taxation and customs, data precision and anti-trust law, further elaborated within our Corporate. 

 Eics and Guidelines.


Code of Conduct

At Pharmacare, we are committed to engage in our work under strict compliance with all relevant laws and entailed regulations. We pride ourselves on reflecting all that pertains to our system of corporate, including financial statistics, mode of management and other critical  details in absolute transparency to the public. The attached Code of Conduct sets a rigid scaffold demonstrating our behaviour, whether in terms of a professional working environment or within social networking among each other. Adhering to those guidelines, further, promotes the skeleton stabilizing the reciprocal interrelationship with our shareholders, stakeholders, clients and partners. Such an environment exploiting high levels of ethical, moral and legal functioning within our corporate pioneers our venturing towards excellence in quality and trust in expression.

The Pharmacare Code of Conduct

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