Pharmacare at a glance

Pharmacare’s Vision:

Pharmacare is fully committed to fulfilling its obligations and acknowledged responsibilities towards customers, the society and the environment by means of producing high-quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices”.


Mission Statement:

To preserve, sustain and improve ‘‘Quality of Life’’, Pharmacare endeavours to establish a Euro-Med alliance in pharmaceuticals and to bolster a professional partnership with regulators, medicinal authorities, physicians, pharmacists, and end-users.



Ancient Canaanites, ancestors of current Palestinians, regarded wheat as a symbol of life, health and fertility, and hence used it as a decorative motif. This symbolic tradition survived to our modern times and is presently being used in key oriental embroidery. The ancient motif alongside its historical symbolism was adopted in 1985 as Pharmacare’s emblem.

In a commitment to life and health, Pharmacare pursues a policy of: Producing High Quality Products at Affordable Prices. Pharmacare exploits the latest technologies in manufacturing and quality, securing a competitive position in local and international markets. Total quality covers all aspects of operations, thus, living up to our adopted motto:

“Expression of Trust”
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