In addition to our quality manufactured pharmaceuticals, it is in reference to our loyal, dedicated and professional team members that we endeavour to maintain our acknowledged motto through which we’ve become known in the area; Pharmacare – An Expression of Trust.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises the ultimate decision-making oversight and the superior authority at Pharmacare. The Board exploits strategic schemes, monitors financial performance and challenges management integrity and functioning. The Board represents…

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Executive PCP Officers

Current listing of Pharmacare Executive PCP Officers

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Code of conduct

At Pharmacare we are continuouly seeking to maintain best modes of business interactions and interpersonal communications with all people and entities. The mechanism behind how we conduct our business is just as significant as the anticipated outcomes.…

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Corporate Internal Committees

The Pharmacare system of Corporate Governance serves to safeguard proper administrative managerial and operative performances are conducted responsibly and creatively. Such surveillance is assigned to six committees through the Board of Directors.

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