Pharmacare has been touted to demonstrate quality measures of manufacturing ever since its foundation around the mid-eighties. Pharmacare was declared within the forefront of Palestinian companies in c-GMP guideline compliance ever since its first international inspection in 1987 and moving through the 1990’s excellent assessment. Pharmacare inaugurated its state of the art multimillion-dollar manufacturing facility in 2000 rendering it c-GMP compliant. This proved Pharmacare capable of adhering to the continuously changing c-GMP guidelines, particularly implementing the zoning system, which required complete separation and independent access into production, packaging, labs and stores. Pharmacare, further, received ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certifications by the end of the same year. It has, then, been certified by UKAS, a leading international certifying organization, on 22 May 2002 and 16 September 2004 for the implementation of Quality Management System and Environmental Management System Standards: ISO9001: 2008 “Certificate No.:MEA2105226” , BS EN ISO14001: 2004, “Certificate No: MEA2205226”.

 In 2008, Pharmacare acquired the Palestinian Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) after passing the official audit conducted by Ministry of Health and external experts. This marked a revolutionary transfer into a new epoch, the latter marking the inception of the venture towards the European Market promoting a further expansion of the company into an international establishment of which also contributed to the Palestinian economy by increasing shares to Palestinian GNP. 

Pharmcare strives to enhance shares within the European and the International markets through a supply of high quality products at competitive rates. Pharmcare currently implements exporting of several of its products to Germany and other European targets. Examples fall within, but are not restricted to, TRAMADOL 50 mg CAPS, Montelukast (4mg, 5 mg chewable tablets & Montelukast 10 mg coated tablets), Allopurinol (100, 300 mg tablets), Flouxitine CAPS.

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