The Pharmacare Group is divided into six international partners, of which include sister pharmaceutical companies:

cal companies:

Pharmacare PLC Palestine (PCP): Comprising our major offices and headquarters in Palestine.

Pharmacare Premium (PCM): A sister company in Malta, Pharmacare Premium comprises a manufacturing company producing leading oncology patented products currently penetrating into the European market. PCM also marks a European entity performing analysis and batch release activities for products manufactured in Palestine and distributed in Europe. Finally, the company engages in marketing and authorisation of the Pharmacare Group products with particular Arab countries like Libya.

Pharmacare Global (PCG): Pharmacare Global is a marketing authorisation company responsible for the marketing and the distribution of the Pharmacare Group products within the UK and the West European countries.

The Iraqi Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI): A merging with Pharmacare constituting a 10% share, IPI comprises a manufacturing facility producing facility for conventional products in Iraq.

Pharmacare Europe (PCE): A non-trading company holding the Pharmacare Group share investments within the European Union.

HikmaCare (HC): PCP is inaugurating a joint-venture with Hikma Pharmaceuticals manufacturing under-licence products distributed within the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Pharmacare Shareholding entities are divided among five different parties, comprising:

  • The Khoury Group – 28%
  • The Wirtz Family – 25%
  • Bank of Palestine – 6%
  • Read Holding – 2.5%
  • Other Board Members – 39%


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