Patient Promise

Aspiring towards leadership in pharmaceutical manufacturing to secure  drugsecurity  and help assure the welfare for the various socio-economic sectors within the Palestinian community; in accordance with the principle adopted by Pharmacare ‘’providing high quality medicines for affordable prices’’.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has put together a list of essential drugs comprising medications that the ministry aspires to continuously provide to needy patients at high quality and affordable costs. Those products go up to 529 products, of which 476 are generic (88%) and 175 of those are locally manufactured (37%). Pharmacare’s strategic plan attempts to broaden the range of its currently manufactured products to include specialty products purchased by the MOH from international manufacturers. This allows Pharmacare to provide better rates for a larger portion of currently imported drugs which are in high demand. In this regard, Pharmacare will attempt to produce 3-5 new products every year to meet the MOH and local market needs.

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