Quality Perspective



When the company was established in 1985, “Expression of Trust” was the motto adopted; it was used to convey a message to our consumers and the public that our products are worth the trust and confidence. However, the motto alone cannot surpass the purpose of its abstract rhetoric, and therefore it becomes our responsibility to live up to our motto. Our responsibility towards the public and patients became the core of our passion and drive; it obligated us to meet the highest quality standards, and to reach consumers and the public through our affordable but high quality medicinal products.

To achieve this, Pharmacare developed a Quality Manual through cumulative efforts of everyone who worked at the company since establishment. It stands on pillars of a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and an extensive knowledge on the requirements of international standards. Implementing this stringent quality system as per the Pharmacare Quality Manual (PQM), inevitably enabled us to confidently declare our products as safe and effective. 

At Pharmacare we employ an inclusive quality management system throughout the life cycle of the different products. This takes into consideration careful fulfillment of the requirements of not only the Palestinian Ministry of Health, but also those dictated by the EU and other authorities in regulated markets. This is done for all our products, whether those to be registered and marketed locally in Palestine or those targeted for exports. For this purpose, we derive our quality dogma from internationally recognized guidelines such as that of the WHO, ICH, and other international agencies and organizations like the EMA, US FDA, and the MHRA. This has earned us the recognition of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the form of a GMP certification and pioneered our venturing towards the EU and other regulated international markets.

The acquisition of the first EU c-GMP certificate from the German Health Authorities in 2008 was a milestone in the history of our company; this made us the first and only Palestinian company to earn this certification after a stringent and extensive German audit. The tremendous and positive ramifications that followed not only established our quality standard, but also placed Palestine on the map of the world pharmaceutical industry and introduced Pharmacare to the European market.

Since early years, our eagerness for an amalgamation of quality inclusivity and corporate social responsibility has facilitated the implementation of the ISO standards namely: the Quality Management System ISO9001 and the Environmental Management System ISO14001. The latter reflects our ethical commitment towards the environment and renewability, which stems from our belief that our endeavors towards consistent and credible quality should be holistic and humane.  To insure a wide dissemination of such values, this sentiment and commitment were also embodied in an Environmental Booklet published by Pharmacare.

We continuously employ studious critical thinking and risk-based decision making in our production processes as well as in all other departments. This begins with a rigorous assessment and thorough evaluation for our vendors to ensure compliance with desired standards for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)s, intermediate materials, excipients, as well as primary and secondary packing materials. Our updated analytical tests, which are in accordance with intended pharmacopeial guidelines, ensure compliance with Quality specifications. Moreover, compliance with GMP regulations is continuously asserted as part of a cultivated work environment. This is enforced by a team of highly skilled and competent professionals that regularly challenge their experience through training and auditing. The interdisciplinary approach and commitment by all departments have unquestionably placed our products as the prime competitor in the market in terms of quality.


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