Why Choose Pharmacare?

 Our uniqueness within the Palestinian Market

  • Maintaining quality production and upgrading current facilities to implement the ever changing and stringent internationally recognized standards.
  • Introducing novel technologies, thus giving rise to a whole new era of production targeting new lines to introduce to the market.
  • Providing present and prospective manpower with some high-level training further adds to a successful formula and brings about a generation of well-trained professionals capable of tackling potential challenges.
  • Promoting new businesses, acquiring new technologies and technically trained professionals, pave the route towards the required strict compliance to good practice terms, which does play a significant role in reflecting the company’s credentials.



 An Icon of Quality

  • Pharmacare has always been a leader and continues to distinguish itself among competitors and counterparts to produce the best possible products from quality and cost-effective perspectives. Such distinction has led to various prestigious awards, amongst which are the EU c-GMP, awarded by the German Ministry of Health three consecutive times in 2008, 2011 and 2014, the Brazilian ANVISA and the Palestinian GMP, the latter continuously maintained since 2008. The EU c-GMP was also awarded by the Portuguese MOH in 2017. Other honours and certificates included the WHO and PIC-s audits and the different ISOs. Pharmacare plans to carry on alongside the same route, thereby assuring all clientele of its quality and dedication.



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