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The Technical Development / Product Development department at Pharmacare PLC is an 800m2 area headed by  Mr.Ayman Qaddumi  The department is divided into:

A Formulation Laboratory (Product Development), where trials are made giving rise to a pilot-scale manufacturing area equipped with a set of all required machinery, like mixers, tableting equipment, ovens etc.
An Analytical Laboratory (Method Development), where we develop the analytical methods for the analysis of raw material and finished pharmaceutical products.
A Stability Laboratory, where all stability studies and shelf-life determinations required for the registration of new products are performed. This section is equipped with a variety of chemical lab instrumentations, such as HPLC, Dissolution Operators, Moisture Analysers, Ultraviolet Spectrophotometers etc.

Our current T&D pipeline highlights special focus on:

  1. Formulations of new generic products, which are equivalent in efficiency, safety and quality to the brand products. We have an annual plan for those products, prepared by the New Items’ Committee of Research & Development headed by Pharmacare’s CEO.
  2.  Modification and improvement of existing products in regard to quality enhancements with respect to physical properties.
  3. Modification and improvement of existing products in regard to quality enhancements with respect to chemical characteristics.
  4. Sustained release of current products to implement maximised production rates and the modification of chemical properties of pre-existing medications to overcome particular drawbacks.


The Research and Development, R&D, department at Pharmacare PLC is where  Original Research and Drug Design is carried out. It is 200m2 area headed by Dr. Sana Mousa, divided into a one research laboratory and two analytical laboratories: Chemical and Microbiology.Alongside the development of hundreds of generic drugs over the years in accordance with the highest international standards, Pharmacare has invested in, supported and conducted original research over the last five years, with the aim of developing new drugs/active compounds in various medical fields.  This research is conducted in the spirit of Pharmacare’s devotion to the improvement of healthcare worldwide.

Our current R&D novelty pipeline focuses on three primary niches. It concerns working on the purification of herbal products recruited as:

  1. Anticancer Drugs:  Pharmacare is actively tackling the challenge of exploring and developing new compounds originating from natural sources with the aim of creating alternative cancer treatments with less toxicity and side-effects.
  2. Safe Preservatives:  Pharmacare is working on the development of safe preservatives from natural sources for use in drugs manufacturing as well as food processing.
  3. Environmentally Friendly Antiseptics.

Toxicity studies on animals are being carried out in collaboration with qualified third party researchers at various universities in the region, namely in Jordan.

At the heart of Pharmacare’s investment in research is its investment in the professionals who conduct it. The Department is headed by Dr. Sana Mousa, PhD, and staffed with highly trained and professional chemists and biologists.

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